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Glasgow Trees are still operating. All services are available as normal. Social Distancing measures are being adhered to at all times.

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Our Policies and Indemnities Include the following:
Public liability insurance: £5,000,000
Employers Liability: £10,000.000
Professional Indemnity: £1,000,000

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Here at Glasgow Tree services we are proud to offer you the kind of local tree surgeon support that only comes as a result of years of hard graft and experience. When it comes to booking a tree service, either in the domestic or commercial sector, from removal to grinding, pruning to chipping or commercial ground clearance and everything in between, we are the company for you and have it covered. Head over to the service page that suits you best to find out how to book a service, and to make that next step on the road to tree heaven!

About Us

Our company started with one simple mission: to make sure that trees in the community are well looked after. For that, we help the people that are the owners of these trees, proud or otherwise, to make sure that they know the best way to care for the big green giants that we all know and love. We have expanded into a company that is easily able to cater for all of your needs, either domestic or commercial we cover it all, so if you are looking for a tree surgeon in Glasgow, get in touch!

Our Services

We decided to make sure that the customers who use our services, or prospective customers who would like to in the future, are fully aware of all the different ways and means of tree servicing. That means they are able to get in touch and book a job for themselves whenever they want, and they have enough knowledge to make the right choice for their own trees. 


Please Note:

You may be tempted to cut down a large or dangerously positioned tree yourself, thinking, “look at the money we will save” Please believe me when I say “this is not a good idea! 
We have visited many a property to finish a job because the owner has tried to complete the task at hand and failed miserably, sometimes with a stint in hospital or a lengthy time off sick. 
The workers we send to you are highly trained tree surgeons and arborists. The art of tree cutting and all the services we offer are second nature to them. They are also skilled professional climbers that are efficient in working at extreme heights from ropes and ladders with chainsaws, unlike the general public.
I implore you not to become the next victim of a tree accident just to save a few pounds. You will be surprised how reasonable our tree surgeon prices really are! 

Please ring our Tree Company today and get the job done right!

​You can rest assure that everything we do has Health and Safety in mind, we do not take chances!
After all we are a Professional Tree Company.

Telephone:    0141-483-7485

For Free Quotation and Expert Advice​

What is a Tree Surgeon ?

A professional who has the correct skills for felling, removing, pruning and trimming trees of all shapes and sizes. They can remove leftover stumps with a stump grinder machine. Some of these tasks can be quite dangerous so they need to be prolific climbers and confident in the use of chainsaws and other heavy machinery, not to mention have a head for heights. Tree removals or just limb removals have to be planned, there is a certain amount of precision as they need to be taken down to the ground in a controlled manner, taking into account the present surroundings, buildings and the general Public’s safety. Even large singular branches that have to be removed through disease or just age related, can cause problems if not taken down properly.
A true tree surgeon like the ones supplied by “Glasgow trees” are 100% confident in their ability as this kind of work is second nature to them. All our surgeons have been through the appropriate rigorous training and hold the relevant certifications for tree surgery, plus health and safety regulations.


What is an Arborist – Click

All our Tree Surgeons & Arborists are fully qualified & Insured
Scroll down to see the different Domestic and Commercial services we offer.

​Tree Removal


Tree removal is never an easy job and there are many reasons why you would need to get it done. That is why it is necessary to get a professional company in to get the job done. We are that professional company. Get in touch today to start (or continue) your relationship with the best tree company in the Glasgow area. We are able to get rid of any tree in any area and we will do it in a professional way every single time we are confronted with the opportunity. So if a you are looking for tree removal company in the Glasgow area please do not hesitate, ring now for a quote or friendly advice. 

​​Stump Grinding and Removal

When trees are removed, there are many different jobs that need doing besides the removal itself. Stump removal is a difficult task that requires a lot of knowledge expertise and the tools to do it well. Our stump grinding and removal jobs are the best in their type of service that you will find in the local area and we are proud to say that we are operating them now and for as long as there is demand. Give us a call to get the ball rolling if a local stump grinder is a service that you require, I assure you we never disappoint. If you would like to know more about tree stumps

“Commercial tree surgeons gave us a great hedge cutting job the other week. Their name is Glasgow Trees and they are a great source of professionalism and results. They do tree surveys, crown lifting, crown thinning and tree clearance, all at a great tree surgeon price as well! Get in touch with them and you will be very happy with the service.”

– A. Fergie

​Pruning and Maintenance

On this service page, we want to run you through the details and procedures relevant to pruning and maintenance jobs. We will give you an overview of what you can expect from the service in terms of time scales and processes and give you the tools you need to book a job for yourself. Have a read through and make sure that you can get in touch if you have any questions at all about our tree trimming or tree pruning process. You can find our number or use our contact form to get straight through to us for any advice needed about trees on your property or land. If you are located over the pond I can recommend Tree trimming Napa CA.

​Emergency Tree Services


There are a number of emergency tree services that we are operating right here in the Glasgow trees area. We keep special lines open to get these done – hence the word ‘emergency’ and we will continue to be there for the customers who help to keep us going: That is what keeps us motivated to come into work every day, and do the best that we can do. Please do not hesitate in contacting us today for more advice on tree problems that you may have. We are a friendly bunch and only too happy to chat about trees.

​24 Hour Emergency Tree Removal


“Tree bracing is one thing, but the range and scope of this company extends to stump removal, land clearing, log cutting, storm damage, felling and tree removal. It has been a pleasure to work with them and, as someone who works with many different properties, I have to say I will use them a lot more in the future. I would recommend them one hundred percent!”

 – G. Neville

Wood Chipping


What do we do with trees that have been cut down or with branches that have fallen? Are we just meant to put them onto piles and leave them? It turns out that wood chipping is a great way to use the off-cuts and the unwanted bits. They can be recycled afterwards, which turns them into pathways and walkways, as well as used for materials for other purposes. Get in touch for moTinyre and have a read through this service page.

Hardwood Logs & Softwood Logs


A good supply of Hard and soft wood logs always available for home seasoning, processing and splitting

Bark, mulch and wood chip also available in quantity.
Can be delivered within the Glasgow area

Contact us now for a quote and idea of delivery time.

​Tree Planting


Tree planting has to be one of the most noble things that we can do with our tools and our expertise. There are a number of schemes that we get involved with and we would love the chance to sit down and give you some of the info. Have a look at what we are able to do and remember that we aren’t just in the business of chopping trees down, we bring them up too!

Pollarding is a tree surgery method of pruning trees smaller and cutting the top branches and limbs right back which will promote new growth and a thick foliage. This is normally completed when a tree reaches a certain size. Done annually it will restrict the trees height to the desired size. This method dates back to ancient Roman times and was used for many reasons including, expanded tree life, as keeps a tree in a juvenile state. The branches were sometimes harvested for construction or crafts, fodder for animals, to name but a few. Go here to our information page to find out more.

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Tree Felling & Sectional Dismantling


Sometimes there are no other options but to remove a tree, this decision could be made for a number of reasons, the main ones being, the tree is not safe, infection and disease has set in, the tree is leaning towards power cables, a residential property or interfering with the everyday running of a commercial business. Our dedicated and professional tree surgeons will assess and take every possible outcome into account before the tree in question is felled. Heath and safety is the first priority. Glasgow trees will always try to save a tree rather than remove one, and always give you the best advice possible on a way to move forward. All our equipment is state of the art and up to date, serviced and properly looked after. Everyone that works for our company are highly trained in all the aspects of tree work. Tree felling is one of our most popular tree surgery services and are very proud to say that every job that has been allocated to us, has gone exactly to plan!. 

Hedge Trimming & Cutting


One of our most popular tree services that we offer our private and commercial clients is hedge trimming and cutting all over the Glasgow regions.
Our professional expertise in this field is second to none as we pride ourselves on our ability to complete a first class job. There are numerous reasons that you may require this service from our company. 

  • Hedges could be encroaching boundary lines
  • Foliage and branches hanging over into council owned pavements
  • Commercial premises or parkland to be maintained

Whatever the reason please contact us and we will offer you a solution to your hedge management needs.

Commercial Tree Services


Glasgow tree surgeons offer a full range of commercial services within this sector. We are fully equipped and possess the manpower to complete any task that you require. Our extensive knowledge in this field shines through as we are heavily committed on proving that we are the best in the business.
We can offer a consultancy service to work out a cost effective and tailored solution to meet your budget and timescale. As commercial tree surgeons operating all over Scotland and nationally, we are proud to have fantastic work ethics and a loyal crew of tree surgeons and arborists that work together like a family.

Some of the Commercial Tree Services and management projects that we Cover
Site Clearances & Land Clearance
Highways and Trackside Arboriculture 
* Vegetation Management
* Commercial and Industry Tree Works
* Grounds Maintenance
Commercial Landscaping

Land Clearance


If you require a land or site clearance, the best way forward is to contact us and arrange for a free assessment and quotation of the intended area that needs clearing and levelling

All depending on the size of the clearance project, we can use our specialist compact equipment for the removal of bushes, smaller trees and scrub. For the larger more substantial trees and more extensive tree removals, we have the heavy plant to deal with these circumstances. You can rely upon and be confident in the knowledge that your commercial site will be totally cleared of all vegetation and you can move on to the next stages of your development

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  • Construction Sites
  • Developments
  • Landscaping Contracts
  • Forestry Services
  • Mulching
  • Whole Tree Chipping

Air spade and Tree Root Inspections


Soil compacted around a trees base can seriously affect the health and well being of a tree. It can cause flaring, root decay and disease. The roots are not allowed to expand and grow properly as they should.

A specialised arborist service that we offer our customers is tree root excavations. Using a pneumatic air spade tool that removes hard compacted soil around the trees roots where necessary, so that our surgeons can inspect and diagnose any problems with the trees rooting system without causing any undue stress to the tree. The air spade is the best tool to ease away the soil with jets of air which are sensitive enough not to damage the roots or any utilities like gas, water or electric that maybe nearby. Breaking up the hard compacted soil around the base and roots can really help with aeration and water circulation. This will encourage root development and vastly improve a trees health. Please contact us for more information on this special service.

Tree Cable and Bracing


​The installation of cables and brace rods are supplemental structure supports, intended to cut back the chance of failing weak branches and multiple stems. Cables are usually manufactured in high tensile steel and attached by bolts within the upper crown of the intended tree. When attached and set up correctly they limit the movements of the supporting branches in order that they are a lot less likely to fail during strong winds or stormy weather. Our Arborist tree experts can evaluate any tree that you may think needs this kind of attention and develop a cable and bracing programme tailored to your situation.

Tree Removals By Crane


​Sometimes when the situation arises and the needs apply we will bring in heavy duty plant equipment such as cranes and mobile elevating work platforms.

One of the safest and efficient methods to remove a large tree is by crane. We are experts in this field and have years of experience in setting up and removing trees this way, swiftly, securely and safely. As always a full survey of the site to study the tree, the area and where to situate the crane will need to be completed beforehand. Everything is taken into account and assessed as nothing is left to chance

Conifer Tree Removal – Conifer Maintenance


Glasgow Tress can trim down your single conifer trees or maintain and trim conifer hedges, if you have line of these fast growing evergreen trees. We can cut back and shape them to suitable level and height so they look neat. tidy and aesthetically pleasing all through the year. Conifers can really get out of hand really quickly and need trimming and pruning a couple of times a year, all depending on the type of conifer that you have growing at your home or commercial land, sometimes once a year for some varieties. It’s always best practice to keep up the control of your conifer growth and maintenance as it’s easy to leave them for a few seasons and this then when a large reduction is needed it could very easily kill your conifers outright through stress, or the recovery process would take years to correct itself. If you are looking for any large conifers to be removed completely and reclaim the land back at your house or commercial premises then give us a call and our professional tree surgeons can fell and remove these unwanted conifer trees for you, and also remove the actual tree stumps with our stump grinding machinery


Glasgow Trees Conifer Solutions

Conifer Trimming – Cutting  – Pruning – Shaping

  • ​Conifer Tree Removals- Conifer Hedge Removals
  • Conifer Stump Removals – Stump Grinding
  • Conifer Tree Maintenance – Conifer Reductions
  • Leylandii Conifer Removals – Hedge Reductions

Ivy Removal


​Ivy looks good and adds a nice natural-looking feature to your garden and home, but this only works out well if the ivy is maintained to a certain degree, looked after, and trimmed regularly. On the flip side badly maintained ivy can become a most disruptive and damaging force when left to its own devices and get out of hand. This super fast-growing climbing plant can be responsible for all kinds of structural building problems to property if left to its own devices and left to run wild.

  Ivy can also start to affect other trees, plants, and shrubs in the localised area by means of strangling them and blocking out much relied upon natural light. If Ivy has been growing up and around a trunk of a tree, then this will not pose much of a problem, the problem arises when the ivy starts to grow within the crown of the tree, this can be especially detrimental to a sick tree or a tree that may have had problems previously, as this can add sufficiently more weight to the crown, and start to affect the stability and safety of the tree over a period of time. Glasgow Trees offer a full Ivy removal service for customers that have become overwhelmed by ivy growth on their residential or commercial premises.

Grounds Maintenance


​When it comes to keeping your commercial grounds looking their best, you can count on the team at Glasgow Trees – Grounds Maintenance Department. We offer complete grounds maintenance services in Glasgow, covering everything from tree services, mowing and trimming to hedge maintenance and garden bed care.

We understand that first impressions count, so we always go the extra mile to ensure your premises are looking their best at all times. Whether you need regular ongoing maintenance or a one-off tidy up or clearance, we can tailor our services to suit your needs.

So if you’re looking for a professional, reliable and affordable grounds maintenance company in Glasgow, contact us today. We’ll be happy to provide you with a free no-obligation quote.


​Tree Inspections & Surveys (VTA) and reports
​Tree Management and Full Consultancy Services

Our professional arborist and tree surgeons offer a wide range of Tree consultancy reports, surveys and visual assessments. Contact us on 0141-483-7485.
To discuss your requirements.

Tree Risk Inspection Reports
Individual Tree Inspection Reports
Internal Tree Inspections for Decay
Tree Stability Reports
Tree Surveys Required for Planing & Developments
Tree Risk Surveys
Veteran Tree Surveys
Pre-purchase Tree Reports
Tree Management Reports and Services​

We use state of the art detection equipment that is designed to assess the internal condition of the tree.

Thus identifying if cavities, decay, or fractures exist. Our reports will guide you into making a decision on the the best course of action to take.

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 Telephone:     0141-483-7485

Specialist Tree Services

Tree Light Hanging​

Professional Tree light hanging and installation services. Commercial and domestic. A full range of lighting options for your venue or project. Christmas light installations completed on domestic houses and commercial buildings. Phone for details and quotation. 
Click here for more Info

Tree Lightning Protection

Specially designed and installed tree lightning protection systems. For domestic and commercial clients. Click here

Onsite Milling Services​

We offer a mobile onsite tree milling service. Gives you the option to re-cycle that fallen or unwanted tree into usable timber. click here

Glasgow Trees offers the following guaranteed services:

We complete and tender for all aspects of Residential and Commercial Tree services

  • Emergency Tree Service
  • Land & Brush Clearing/Wood Chipping/Log Cutting
  • Tree Cutting Service/Trimming/Pruning
  • Tree Planting & Location Planning
  • Tree Crowning/Tree Crown Reduction
  • Tree Cabling & Bracing
  • Stump Grinding/Stump Removal
  • Dead wood Removal/Deadwooding
  • Tree Planting
  • Tree Removal
  • ​Hedge Removal
  • Hedge Trimming 
  • Hedge Management
  • Crown Raising
  • Crown Reduction
  • Crown Thinning
  • Dangerous Tree Work
  • Tree Felling
  • Sectional Dismantling
  • Pollarding
  • Safety Inspection
  • Storm Damage
  • Tree Preservation and Order Planning
  • Full Maintenance Contracts
  • Site Clearance
  • Diseased Trees and Diagnosis and Prevention Reports
  • Tree Lightning Protection Services
  • Tree Light Hanging – Installation

Contact Us Today on

 Telephone: 0141-483-7485

So if you are asking yourself this question or searching on google is there a tree surgeon near me? give us a call for a no obligation price or expert advice from one of our highly trained Glasgow tree surgeons and Arborists. We will be only too happy to help, or point you in the right direction. Don’t wait too long as that tree, bush or hedge is only going to grow larger and might work out more expensive later when you inquire about our Tree services.

Our Guarantees To You

All services are completed by trained certificated Tree surgeons and Arborists

All work will be completed to the Health and Safety regulations according to the correct procedures and will be adhered to at all times.

We promise to quote you the best price possible for our professional services.
Any other work not listed on the original quotation will be discussed beforehand and not completed prior to your knowledge.

Our Company will professionally guide you from start to finish, and complete your chosen service in a respectful way to you and your neighbours.

We understand that every job is unique and needs to be tailored to our customers to find the correct solution, and the very best solution will be applied every time.

We will try and save you money best we can, our prices are very competitive within the Tree surgery and arborist industry.

Here at Glasgow trees we offer a unique approach to customer service, we really do take care of everyone as we love repeat work, we promise you, no nasty surprises!

Our Glasgow Tree Surgeons and Arborists are very active and available in these local Scottish areas

Glasgow City, Lanarkshire, East Renfrewshire, Ayrshire, Dunbartonshire, West Central Scotland, Erskine, Paisley, Hamilton, Motherwell, Bearsden, Milngavie, Clydebank, Bishopton, Inchinnan, Hillhead, Shawlands, Giffnock, Scotstoun

So if you are searching for example Erskine Tree Surgeons or any of the places above, we can get the job done for you efficiently and at a reasonably good price.
Full Residential and Commercial Tree services offered

Have a fantastic day from Glasgow Trees
Keeping things local
​Thank You

Frequently Asked Questions

As Tree Surgeons can you give us an idea of what kind of work you do?
  • Emergency Tree Service
  • Land & Brush Clearing/Wood Chipping/Log Cutting
  • Tree Cutting Service/Trimming/Pruning
  • Tree Planting & Location Planning
  • Tree Crowning/Tree Crown Reduction
  • Tree Cabling & Bracing
  • Stump Grinding/Stump Removal
  • Dead wood Removal
  • Tree Planting
  • Tree Removal
  • Crown Raising
  • Crown Reduction
  • Crown Thinning
  • Dangerous Tree Work
  • Tree Felling
  • Pollarding
  • Safety Inspection
  • Storm Damage
  • Tree Preservation and Order Planning
  • Full Maintenance Contracts
  • Site Clearance
  • Diseased Trees and Diagnosis and Prevention Reports
What kind of insurance do you have ?

Yes we are insured as follows

£10 Million Pounds Employers Liability

£5 Million Pounds Public liability.

£1  Million Pounds Professional Indemnity

 Also Insurance certificates for training purposes.  Any of the certificates can be provided if required

What Qualifications do you Have as tree surgeons and Arborists?

National proficiency tests council “NPTC” and Lantra qualifications.

Regular audits, of both external and internal audits of working practices, this ensures our continued compliance with the Arboricultural and Forestry Advisory Group “AFAG” “HSE” and “FISA” – Forestry Industry Safety Accord Guidance.

Plus, all staff take regular “First aid” Refresher training courses along with Aerial Rescue practice courses.

What kind of legislations do you work under?
  1. The Forestry Act 1967
  2. The conservation “Natural Habitats” Regulations 1994
  3. Town and country planning “Scotland” Act 1997
  4. BS3998: 2010 Tree work Recommendations
  5. Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981
  6. Work at height regulations 2005
  7. Health & Safety at work act 1974
  8. New roads & street works act 1991
  9. Control of substances hazardous to health regulations 2002 “COSHH”
  10. Provision and use of work equipment regulations 2002 “PUWER”
  11. Lifting operations and lifting equipment regulations 1998 “LOLER”
  12. BS 8545: 2014 Trees: Nursery to independence in the landscape “Recommendations”
  13. BS 5837: 2012 Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction recommendations.
Who has the Responsibility for Trees in Glasgow?

The responsibility and management of any trees

will always rest with the property owner, and so does the responsibility for obtaining the correct permissions for any proposed works carried out.

What about Glasgow Councils advice on Protected Trees within the City of Glasgow?

Please click on the link below:

Can I receive a quote over the phone?

To be honest “No” every job is different. Our site inspections need to be carried out by one of our certified tree surgeons, we have to take many things into account and consideration like equipment access, machinery to bring with us, and a survey of the surroundings, and the actual trees position for health and safety issues. It’s impossible to do this over the phone. Hope you understand and at the end of the day, “the quotations we give are free!”

How do i know if my tree is hazardous or dangerous?

As with most cases the responsibility is always the 

Property owner’s. Certain defects and tree ailments can be identified by our certified Arborists. We can assess the tree for you and if you wish, give you a written report siting the problems and advise a way forward. Sometimes you will need a written report for your insurance company, pointing out the potential dangers and hazards, as they are becoming more commonly requested these days by these companies.

Good advice would be to check your policy. 

Look for these common defects and tree hazards

Tree leaning strongly to one side

Branches getting close to power lines

Mushrooms growing at the bottom of tree

Trees nearby are dead, fallen or unhealthy looking

Decaying wood on either trunk or main limbs

Roots damaged, broken or rotting

Do you offer free advice to your customers

Yes we do, and always available to give you advice relating to any tree issues you may have.

Will you give me a free and no obligation Quotation?

Certainly as we do with all our customers.

Do you offer your services to the commercial sectors along with your residential work.

Yes we cover commercial contracts and have many years of experience in both fields. Our up to date modern equipment and highly trained arborists can tackle the most difficult situations you may think are impossible. Wether it’s a long term maintenance contract, ground clearance, vegetation management, we are a one stop shop. 


Other examples are

​ * Site Clearances

 * Highways and Trackside Arboriculture 

 * Vegetation Management 

 * Commercial and Industry Tree Works

 * Grounds Maintenance 

 * Commercial Landscaping

What is a Tree Surgeon?

Trees are living organisms and an essential part of the environment. Sometimes, their natural growth can result in clashes between the tree and people. Other times, adverse weather conditions such as storms and high winds can create more problems and damages. Other factors like, human activities and progress, which can also cause these conflicts.

This is where the tree surgeon comes in. In simple terms, a surgeon is someone that rectifies these conflicts. A tree surgeon is a person that amends these natural differences that exist between people and trees. Regardless of the cause, it is the work of the tree surgeon to resolve the unwanted growth of trees,  so that people, as well as properties and land owners, can remain safe.  Click here for more information.

What is an Arborist?

Arboriculture is defined as the art of trimming shrubs and trees to protect power lines, roadways, and sidewalks. An arborist is an individual that studies the science of trees. Thus, an arborist studies the growth, cultivation, reactions, diseases, decay, and all other aspects that affect a tree.

Additionally, an arborist will be interested in studying as well as managing individual trees, vines, shrubs, and other perennial woody plants. Hence, an arborist will offer you services that will help you determine the best methods for managing your plants. Click here for more details.

Please refer to our FAQ Page for more questions.

“Glasgow trees are a great company in the local area. Their tree care and tree planting services means that they are number one when it comes to choosing. I have got tree crowning jobs from them in the past, along with crown reduction and tree bracing. When it comes to tree preservation, you should look no further. Give them a call and you won’t be disappointed.”

 – O.G. Sol

Get In Touch


We operate a very open policy when it comes to the ways of communication that we use. We are able to talk with our customers any time over the phone (within designated hours) and the number can be easily found on this website. Also, there is a contact form for you to use here, which takes you straight to our email. One of our operators will get back to you as soon as possible with a great response.

 Some of the areas listed below that we offer our services, check the “Areas we cover page” for more information

Glasgow City – Lanarkshire – West End – Renfrew – East Renfrewshire – Dunbarton – Dunbartonshire – Ayr – Ayrshire Bridgeton  BearsdenBishopbriggsBellshillCambuslangHillhead – Hyndland – Shawlands – Giffnock
Scotstoun – Clarkston – Coatbridge – Rutherglen – Milngavie – Barrhead – Bothwell – Hamilton – Clydebank – Jordanhill –    Johnstone – East Kilbride – Pollokshields – Neilston – Stepps – Newton Mearns – West Central Scotland – Strathaven – Uddingston – Partick – Kelvinside – Lanark – Stirling – Falkirk – Cumbernauld – Bishopbriggs – Kirkintilloch – Lennoxtown

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