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Welcome to the official homepage of Gecko Artificial Grass London. We are the leading artificial grass installation company in London and we have a wide range of quality artificial grass products to suit any need.

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Nowadays, since space is placed at a very high value, it’s crucial to make the most use possible of every square foot of your home. By using artificial grass, you may transform…..



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A beautiful lawn is one of the great sights of a home and having a beautiful lawn without having to deal with the hassle that comes with having and maintaining real grass



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Gecko Quality Artificial Grass in London


We believe that artificial grass should be affordable and accessible to everyone

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Our team is also made up of experienced artificial grass installation experts who will ensure your artificial grass is installed perfectly. We believe strongly in artificial grass and its ability to transform any outdoor space while saving up money.

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At Gecko Artificial Grass, London, has been in business for over 10 years. We have installed artificial grass all over the world in some of the most challenging environments. Our artificial grass is of the highest quality and is backed by an iron-clad warranty.

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That’s why we offer a free artificial grass consultation to all our clients.We will come to your home or business and assess your artificial grass needs. We will then provide you with a detailed quote and artificial grass plan. We also offer a wide range of artificial grass products to suit any budget.

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