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If you’re in need of a water heater repair service in Dallas, then you’ve come to the right place. Our team of experienced professionals is here to help you get your water heater up and running again in no time. We understand that a broken water heater can be a major inconvenience, which is why we offer fast and reliable service that will get your appliance back up and running in no time.

Whether your water heater is leaking, not heating properly, or has any other issue, our team will be able to diagnose and fix the problem quickly. We also offer preventative maintenance services to help keep your water heater in good working condition and extend its lifespan.

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When it comes to our customers water heater replacement or repair work, then quality products, dedication and reliability are essential. At Dallas Water Heaters, we always put our customer satisfaction first. This is why we only specialize in the Installation of new water heaters, and fixing existing water heaters, this specialization keeps us at the top of our game! We take care of our customers from the initial contact, and right through to the finished job.

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Signs to Look For that Say Your Water Heater Tank Needs Repairing


Fluctuating Water Temperature in Areas of Your Home or Business premises


Hot Water Pressure is Low All Round Your Home


Hot Water Heater Tank Leaking


Brown Rusty colored Water Coming from Faucets and Sink


Bad Smells emitting right through your Home


Your Water Tank has started to make strange noises


No Hot Water in Your Home or Business


The Hot Water that you may have soon Runs Out rapidly


If you are having any of these problems, or any other problems with your water heater, give us a call today. We will be happy to come out and take a look. We know how important it is to have hot water, so we will make sure that your problem is fixed as quickly as possible.

Identifying The Problem Yourself

If your water heater is leaking or not producing enough hot water, it may be time for a repair. Depending on the extent of the problem, you may be able to perform some simple repairs yourself. However, if the problem is more serious, you will need to call a professional.

When troubleshooting a water heater, always remember to first shut off the power to the unit. If you have an electric water heater, shut off the breaker in your home’s breaker box. If you have a gas water heater, turn off the gas at the valve near the unit.

Once the power is shut off, take a look at the tank itself. If there is any water pooled around it, this could be a sign that there is a leak. Check all of the fittings and connections to make sure they are tight and not leaking.

If you find a leak, you will need to either replace the tank or have it professionally repaired. If the tank itself is damaged, it will need to be replaced. However, if the damage is limited to a few fittings or connections, you may be able to repair it yourself. Just be sure to follow all instructions carefully so that you do not cause further damage.

If the water heater is more than 10 years old, it is probably time for a replacement. Water heaters typically last about 15 years before needing to be replaced. If yours is approaching this age, it is probably best to simply replace it rather than try to repair it.

If you have a gas water heater, you will need to be very careful when checking for leaks. Gas leaks can be extremely dangerous, so it is important to call a professional if you suspect one.

When troubleshooting your water heater, always remember to turn off the power before doing anything. This will prevent any further damage from occurring and will also keep you safe.

If you are not comfortable working on your own water heater, there is no shame in calling a professional. Many companies offer 24-hour emergency service so that you can get your problem fixed as soon as possible. Just be sure to ask plenty of questions so that you know exactly what the problem is and how they plan on fixing it.

Repairing a water heater can be a simple process, but there are some things that you should know before you start. By familiarizing yourself with the different parts of your water heater and how they work, you can avoid costly mistakes and repairs down the road.

The most important part of your water heater is the anode rod. This is what actually protects your tank from corrosion. over time, these rods will corrode and need to be replaced.

If you have a gas water heater, you will also need to take care of the pilot light. If this goes out, your entire system could be at risk. Please make sure to check it regularly and change it if necessary.

Finally, always make sure that your water heater is properly ventilated. Without proper ventilation, your unit could overheat and cause serious damage to your home.

If you follow these simple tips, you should have no problem keeping your water heater in good working order for many years to come. However, if you do run into trouble, be sure to call a professional right away to get it fixed before it causes any further damage.


Why Hire A Professional Water Heater Engineer

There are many reasons to hire a professional water heater engineer. Perhaps you need your water heater repaired or replaced and don’t have the time or knowledge to do it yourself. Or maybe you’re looking to upgrade your current system and want someone with experience to help you choose the best option for your home.

Whatever the reason, hiring a professional can save you time, money, and stress. Here are just a few benefits of working with a professional water heater engineer:


Water heaters are complex systems that require specialized knowledge and skills to repair or replace. A professional engineer will have the training and experience needed to get the job done right, ensuring that your new system is properly installed and functioning correctly.


Water heaters can be dangerous, particularly when they’re not working properly. A professional engineer will know how to safely repair or replace your water heater, minimizing the risk of injury or property damage.


Have a busy schedule? Don’t have the time or tools to repair or replace your water heater yourself? Hiring a professional engineer can save you the hassle and inconvenience of dealing with the repairs yourself.

Peace of Mind

Not sure if you can trust a DIY repair job? Working with a professional water heater engineer will give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing the job is being done right.

Whether you’re in need of repairs or are looking to upgrade your water heater, hiring a professional engineer is the best way to ensure the job is done right. Contact your local Dallas water heater engineer today at Premium Water Heater Repair to get started. We are waiting to serve you!

Water Heater Replacement – Which Type of Unit?

It’s no secret that water heaters don’t last forever. In fact, most only have a lifespan of about 8 to 12 years. So if your water heater is nearing the end of its life, it’s time to start thinking about replacement. And there’s no better place to turn for water heater replacement than the experts at Dallas Water Heaters. We’ve been helping homeowners in the Dallas area with their plumbing needs for over 15 years, and we’re ready to help you too.

When it comes to water heaters, there are a few things you need to consider before making a decision. The first is the type of water heater you want. There are two main types – gas and electric. Gas models tend to be more expensive to operate, but they’re also more efficient. Electric models are less expensive to operate, but they’re not as efficient.

The second thing you need to consider is the size of the unit. Water heaters come in a variety of sizes, so you need to make sure you choose one that’s big enough to meet your needs. If you have a large family or if you use a lot of hot water, you’ll need a larger unit.

Finally, you need to think about the warranty. Most water heaters come with a one-year warranty, but some companies offer extended warranties. You should always read the fine print before making a purchase, so you know what’s covered and what’s not.

When it comes to choosing a water heater, it’s important to do your research. There are a lot of different factors to consider, and you need to make sure you’re getting the best possible deal. With a little bit of time and effort, you can find the perfect unit for your home in Dallas.

Tankless Water Heater Services

If you’re in the market for a new water heater for your home or business in Dallas, you may be wondering if a tankless unit is right for you. Tankless water heaters offer many benefits over traditional tank-style heaters, including:

1. Endless hot water: Since tankless units heat water on demand, you’ll never have to worry about running out of hot water again.

2. Space savings: Tankless water heaters are much smaller than traditional tank-style heaters, so they’ll free up valuable space in your home.

3. Energy savings: Tankless units are highly efficient, so you’ll save money on your energy bills each month.

Tankless electric water heaters are a more recent innovation. These units don’t have a storage tank; instead, they heat water on demand, which can save you money on your energy bill. They’re also more space-efficient than storage tank heaters, and they typically have a longer lifespan. However, they’re more expensive up front, and they might not be able to meet the hot water needs of a large family.

If you’re interested in learning more about tankless water heaters, or if you need help choosing the right unit for your home in Dallas, please contact our office today. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have and help you find the perfect water heater for your requirements.

Affordable Tankless Water Heater Repair Installation Dallas 24/7

Dallas Water Heaters is your go to plumbing company for all your Tankless Water Heater Repair and Installation needs in Dallas, TX. We offer affordable installation and repair services for all types and brands of tankless water heaters. Our experienced technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you with any water heater problems you may have.

Electric Water Heater Services

When choosing an electric water heater, it’s important to consult with our qualified professionals at Dallas Water Heaters to determine the best option for your home. They can help you evaluate your hot water needs and select a unit that will be both efficient and cost-effective. We can also install your new water heater and provide any needed maintenance or repairs down the road.

If you’re interested in an electric water heater, contact Dallas Water Heaters today. We’ll be happy to help you choose the right unit for your home and ensure that it’s installed correctly. Give us a call or fill out the contact form to get started, and we will call you back.

Affordable Electric Water Heater Services Dallas 24/7

When it comes to Electric Water Heater Services in Dallas TX, Dallas Water Heaters is the company to call. We offer a wide range of electric water heater services including installation, repair and replacement. We also offer maintenance and tune-up services to keep your water heater running efficiently. Our Experienced technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you with any water heater problems you may have.

Gas Water Heaters

If you’re in need of gas water heater repair, service, or installation in Dallas, we’re here to help. We’ve been providing these services to the Dallas area for many years and have a reputation for quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. We’re proud to be able to offer our customers high-quality gas water heaters from some of the leading manufacturers in the industry, and we’re confident that we can help you find the perfect model for your needs.

When it comes to gas water heaters, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. First, the best practice is to look into the size of the unit that will suit your personal requirement. Gas water heaters come in a variety of sizes, so it’s important to choose one that will be able to meet your hot water needs. Second, you’ll need to decide on the fuel type. There are two main types of gas water heaters: natural gas and propane. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important to understand the difference before making a decision. We will advise during your free water heater consultation, and provide you with affordable options according to your budget.

Once you’ve decided on the size and fuel type that you need, the next step is to choose a model. Gas water heaters come in both tankless and storage tank models. Tankless models are more efficient because they don’t store hot water, but they may not be able to meet your family’s hot water needs if you have a large household. Storage tank models are less efficient, but they’re better suited for larger families.