Advice on New Tree and Shrub Planting Schemes

Trees, either individually or as formal/informal groups, perform a variety of roles including, e.g., contribution to green infrastructure, aesthetic appeal, screening of views and control of soil erosion. They help to define spaces, direct views and introduce character into the landscape, providing that all-important sense of place.

New tree planting proposals are therefore an essential consideration in the layout, design and future use of a development site, the local landscape character and the contextual surroundings. As trees generally form the dominant elements of the long-term landscape structure of a site, careful consideration needs to be given to their ultimate height and spread, form, habit and colour, density of foliage and any maintenance implications.

Our consultants can provide schemes for new planting that take account of all the above considerations, ensuring that adequate space is allowed for future growth of root systems, stems and canopies to maturity, without this causing direct or indirect damage to nearby structures, or causing obstruction of access, light or other avoidable nuisance.

'We believe that, as a nation, we need to recognise the power of place and to be much more ambitious when planning, designing, constructing and maintaining our built environment. Failure to do so will result in significant long-term costs'.


House of Lords Select Committee on National Policy for the Built Environment: Report of Session 2015-16