Tree Management

Tree management consists of work to be executed on current trees both pre- and post-development, and also post-development work on new plantings.


Pre-development tree work

A schedule of tree works, including root pruning, will be supplied listing (by number) all the trees that require work. It will be accompanied by a plan showing where each tree is located and a detailed specification prepared in accordance with BS 3998:2012.


Post-development management for existing trees

Retained trees will require a management plan - a program of inspections to advise on any work necessary. This programme might include recommendations for frequency of inspection and/or proposals for tree work.


Post-development management for new plantings

New plantings will require a detailed maintenance schedule that covers at least 3 years and which will be prepared in conjunction with the landscape design proposals. Appropriate arrangements will need to be made for its implementation.


Based on British Standard 5837:2012 Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction - Recommendations.