Tree Protection Plan (TPP)

A Tree Protection Plan (TPP) is a scale drawing showing the finalised design proposals.


Depending on the requirements of the individual site, our consultants will provide a TPP that clearly identifies some or all of the following, accompanied by descriptive text as required:

  • Trees selected for retention;
  • Trees to be removed;
  • Precise location of protective barriers and any other relevant physical protection measures, including the extent and type of ground protection, marked as a Construction Exclusion Zone;
  • Trees to be pruned, including any development facilitation pruning; and
  • Areas of structural landscaping that need to be protected from construction operations in order to prevent the soil structure from being damaged.

'Existing trees are an important factor on construction sites, whether on or near the working areas, and trees are a material consideration in the UK planning system. This British Standard is intended to assist decision-making with regard to existing and proposed trees in the context of design, demolition and construction. Root systems, stems and canopies, with allowance for future movement and growth, need to be taken into account in all projects, including those that do not require planning permission. The space required for any proposed new trees to become established is an important consideration'.

British Standard 5837:2012 Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction - Recommendations