Tree Report for the Homebuyer

The following outlines the content, detail and format of a tree report for a homebuyer.

It is a preliminary report that may consider any or all of the following:


  1. An assessment of the risk of indirect damage (subsidence) being caused to built structures as a consequence of the presence of trees, shrubs and other woody vegetation.

i. to 'the property'

ii. to immediately adjacent property

This is expressed as a Subsidence Risk Factor (SRF).

2. An assessment of the risk of direct damage (through physical contact) to built structures on 'the property'.

3. An assessment of the health, safety and overall condition of the trees within falling distance of built structures on and immediately adjacent to 'the property'.

A Tree Report for Home Buyers includes the following contents:

  • Client instructions
  • Report limitations
  • Introduction
  • Site survey
  • Woody vegetation survey
  • Data for subsidence risk (when considering 1. above)
  • Conclusion
  • Recommendations