Tree Survey and Tree Quality Assessment

Our in-depth tree survey will include all trees that were included in the topographical survey, as well as any that might have been missed and additional off-site trees that could have an effect on foundation design.


We will also categorize trees or groups of trees for their quality and value within the existing context.

The tree survey provides the following information:

  • Sequential reference number (recorded on the tree survey plan);
  • Species listed by common name;
  • Estimated height in metres;
  • Stem diameter in centimetres;
  • Branch spread, taken as a minimum at the four cardinal points, to derive an accurate representation of the crown (plotted on the tree survey plan);
  • Existing height above ground level of:
    • first significant branch and direction of growth (e.g. 2.4-N);
    • canopy, to inform on ground clearance, crown/stem ratio and shading;
  • Life stage (e.g. young, semi-mature, early mature, mature, over-mature);
  • General observations, and/or preliminary management recommendations;
  • Estimated remaining contribution, in years (<10, 10+, 20+, 40+); and
  • Category U or A to C grading.