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Tree lightning protection services

One of our specialist tree services we offer is tree lightning protection. We can design and install a system to protect your tree or trees that you have in your garden or land.
Lightning strikes on trees are quiet frequent in the UK but do not get documented the same as when people get hit, any professional tree surgeon and arborist will confirm this statement as they will have attended many a damaged tree due to lighting strikes in their careers.

Trees are an expected target when lightning strikes and provide an excellent conductor for the energy to travel down the tree to the earth. Trees that are located on high ground, open areas, stand adjacent to buildings where copper wiring and plumbing are prime targets for the lightning forces to travel and hit the ground.


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What actually happens when lightning actually hits a tree?

When the lightning strikes the tree the layer of sap and moisture just underneath the bark boils very rapidly. As the water in these cells expands it off the bark in a explosive reaction. 
If the tree is struck lower down in the trunk it could split the tree right down the middle.
A strike at the top that travels down the centre of the tree can cause maximum damage, it explodes a good amount of the living cells and tissue, resulting in bark blown away and can be fatal for our tree.
When these explosions happen it can launch the bark and strips of wood violently which is a serious danger to humans and nearby property and buildings. 


The Solution:

The best way forward and to combat the above problems and protect your trees from these devastating dangerous strikes is to install tree lightning rods.
These metal strips are very electrical conductive and will take the force of the strike and re-direct the lightning bolt down the rod and therefor neutralising the effect of the strike.

Consult and advis

Trees that we advise to be protected are mature historic trees, veteran, tall trees, and trees that stand near buildings and on high ground. These are more susceptible to lightning strikes. Our experts in this field can visit your site or premises to advise and liaise with you on a suitable system to protect your trees and property.


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Please feel free to contact us for a free consultation to discuss your requirements with our tree lightning protection installation experts. We can offer you guidance and a tailor made a cost effective solution to fit your budget. Our consultants and tree surgeons are waiting for your call, Why not protect your trees and make them a much safer environment to be around.

Local Glasgow areas that we supply and install our tree lightning protection systems are,
Glasgow, Lanarkshire, East Renfrewshire, East Ayrshire, Bothwell, Strathaven, East kilbride. Cambuslang, Rutherglen, Bargeddie, Hamilton.


Our services also run Nationwide, please contact us for a quote and friendly advic

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